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Table 1 Descriptions and chosen values of various parameters of the system

From: Deep learning-based strategies for the detection and tracking of drones using several cameras

Tminpre−trackMinimum number of frames for a track to be considered as a TCT18 frames
TmovNumber of last centroids and frames to calculate the movement score16 frames
Aminpre−trackMinimum width of height of a track bounding box to be considered as a TCT32 pixels
Amaxpre−trackMaximum width of height of a track bounding box of TCT, where main image planes is used for visual signatures.256 pixels
TwindowTCTThe length of a periodic window for TCT8 frames
TminTCTMinimum number of windows for TCT to decide to whether unassign or continue12 windows
αMoving average filter parameter0.85
KminTCTMinimum overall score of TCT to decide to continue0.85