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Fig. 2

From: Temporally coherent disparity maps using CRFs with fast 4D filtering

Fig. 2

Visualization of the smoothness energy in the joint pixel-disparity space (pixels i on vertical axis, disparities d on horizontal axis). The top row shows the conventional approach, and the bottom row is our technique, where a is the conventional disparity discontinuity indicator, and d our proposed one. The red line in the left and middle columns indicates the ground truth disparities, and the green line in the left and right columns is a piecewise fronto-parallel disparity assignment. In the conventional approach, the piecewise fronto-parallel disparities incorrectly have a lower smoothness energy (−0.6 in c) than the ground truth (−0.4 in b). Our technique correctly leads to a lower energy for the ground truth (−1.9 in e) compared to the fronto-parallel disparities (−1.8 in f)

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