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Table 1 Key review papers on symbol recognition and spotting methods

From: Symbol spotting for architectural drawings: state-of-the-art and new industry-driven developments

Survey Recognition Spotting Categorization approach
Chhabra [81], 1997 × Application domains (circuit diagrams, engineering drawings, architectural drawings, etc.)
Kasturi and Luo [82], 1997 × Application domains
Cordella and Vento [9], 2000 Segmentation only Stages of a general recognition method
Lladós et al. [83], 2001 Segmentation only Application domains and pattern recognition methods (structural vs. statistical)
Tombre et al. [4], 2005 Challenges and research directions
Rusiñol and Lladós [1], 2010 Stages of a general spotting method
Tabbone and Terrades [84], 2014 Stages of a general spotting method
Santosh et al. [8587], 2015, 2016, and 2018 Statistical, structural, and syntactic approaches