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Table 1 Calculation of mapping table between the WLTP pair and the rotation equivalent index

From: Co-occurrence context of the data-driven quantized local ternary patterns for visual recognition

Mapping table generation algorithm  
Input: Number of neighbor pixel L  
Output: Mapping table M (N P ×N P matrix)  
Initialization: Index=1, N P =3L, \(\mathbf {M}\Leftarrow \{null\}^{N_{P} \times N_{P}}\)  
for: p=0,,N P −1 and q=0,,N P −1  
if M(p,q)=n u l l, then  
M(p,q)I n d e x, p s h i f t((p)3,2),  
q s h i f t((q)3,2), M(q ,p )I n d e x  
p s h i f t((p)3,1),  
q s h i f t((q)3,1), M(p ,q )I n d e x  
p s h i f t((p)3,3),  
q s h i f t((q)3,3), M(q ,p )I n d e x  
I n d e xI n d e x+1  
end if  
end for