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Fig. 6

From: Nuclear detection in 4D microscope images of a developing embryo using an enhanced probability map of top-ranked intensity-ordered descriptors

Fig. 6

The transformed probability maps with different dimensions K of the TRIODs, which are extracted from the local patch sizes l=5,7,9. The row images from the top to the bottom denote the transformed maps with l=5,7,9, and the column images from the left to the right denote those with the TRIOD dimensions K=1, \(\text {int}\left (\frac {l\times l}{4}\right)+1\), \(\text {int}\left (\frac {l\times l-1}{2}\right)+1\), \(\text {int}\left (\frac {\left (l\times l-1\right)\times 3}{4}\right)+1\), respectively

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